The Chicago Criminal Lawyer’s Way: The Best Defense

Facing a criminal charge, no matter how minor it is, requires a person’s time, money, and attention.  The accused’s resources should not be wasted in losing a defense due to incompetent defense attorneys. Thus, it is imperative for any client to hire only the best and most efficient defense practitioners.

Criminal defense lawyers are legal professionals that are either hired lawprivately or employed by various jurisdictions with criminal courts, specializing in the defense of individuals and companies charged with committing crimes.  People who are accused of crimes and have lawsuits filed against them rely on them to get them out of jail or to prove that they are innocent of the charges against them.  For people facing serious charges, having one as representative in the court is highly recommended.

Retaining a Chicago criminal lawyer to represent you is one of the best ways to guarantee a strong and competitive defense.

For any client, it is important to determine what a Criminal defense attorney does. A Chicago criminal lawyer specializes on their craft and has a superior edge over other attorneys, as they take extra measures to know the prosecutors involved in a case, can get concessions that other attorneys miss, and have a wide array of experience tied to their names. A defense attorney can also issue motions that can improve a defendant’s situation or even get his or her case dismissed.

In addition, Chicago also has a broad collection of criminal lawyers who specializes in various fields. There’s a Chicago criminal lawyer for state law, party and bankruptcy cases, copyright, and patent cases. Having a fortified defenseis extremely important for federal cases, as they are often more complex and lengthy. In addition, having a federal defense attorney with more prestigious credentials, experience, and standing in the legal community is a must.  In these cases, the client will be prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s office.

Furthermore, there’s always a Chicago criminal lawyer who concentrates on specific areas of defense. Areas of specialties like rape and violent crime defense are learned and mastered by these defense attorneys, who have passed the State Bar, the ultimate authority on credibility which offers specialization in law.

Most of the best Chicago criminal lawyers are private lawyers who have to be paid for their services, as compared to public defenders. However, public defenders are often reserved for people who cannot afford private attorneys, and often have very little time and resources to work on each defendant’s case, and thus produce inconsistent results. While their passion and drive are unquestionable, they may often be overwhelmed by the sheer number of cases. On the other hand,aChicago criminal lawyer is guaranteed to give a client sufficient time for thorough research and studies to prepare a complete defense to fully and effectively represent a client’s constitutional rights in criminal court.

Of course, a client can personally assure the quality of these defense attorneys. One can only formalize a meeting or visit a criminal lawyer’s office to test for himself or herself the communication skills, track record, experience, and negotiating skills of a lawyer. One would even say that Chicago criminal lawyers love to be tested and challenged.

There are numerous criminal lawyers in Chicago, all of which are accessible and ready for any client.  A quick online search will yield a list of names of some of the most efficient lawyers around.  Top caliber practitioners are accessible online or through their mobile phones. In times when you need your constitutional rights to be protected, you need to find a Chicago lawyer who is competent and trustworthy enough to fight for your defense.

The History of Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf Company is one of the most well known, well established, and well trusted brands in the world of golf. Its presence is so large that it more or less dominates the market. Its domineering stature is evident by the number of competitors that it has already bought out, such as Ben Hogan and Odyssey. The company name is enough to evoke the image of a skilled golfer as a lot of professionals have Callaway’s equipment as their weapons of choice.

Whether it’s a part of the golfer’s arsenal or some piece of golfer accoutrement, Callaway is a trusted name and brand. Of course, with high quality comes a high asking price, but that price is well worth it. The hundreds of millions in revenue and the number of professional golfers that have faith in the Callaway Golf Company speaks volumes of how it is one of the, if not the, best one out there.

Callaway golfCallaway sells its golf products in countries all over the world. Its global presence has contributed tremendously to its position as the largest maker of gold clubs on the planet. The company sells its products through brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers. However, few are familiar with the company’s origin and history.

Where it all began and the man behind the company

Ely Callaway Jr. was the former president of the textile company Burlington. The man was an avid player of golf. For him, the game was not just a sport, but a passion, one he would later on earn a profit from through the Callaway Golf Company.

Back in those days, Callaway used golf clubs manufactured by Hickory Sticks. Hickory Sticks made golf clubs that had hickory-shafts that possess cores made of steel. Sometime during those years when he was playing golf, Callaway was approached by the owners of Hickory Sticks. The company was in dire financial straits, hence the reason why they approached Callaway.

Approaching Callaway was a stroke of good fortune as the textile giant had just recently sold one of his vineyards where he earned a profit of $9 million.

The company was eventually renamed to Callaway Hickory Stick USA when Callaway bought half of the company in 1982. He would later buy the remaining shares of the company for a sum of $400,000. The company was then relocated to Carlsbrad, California, its modern day location, by 1983. The company’s name wouldn’t change to its present name until five years later.

The sales manager

Ely Callaway Jr. might be the man who started it all, but he is most certainly not the only man who is responsible for the company’s success. The Callaway Golf Company wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t for the marketing efforts of a man by the name of Bruce Parker.

Parker was a brilliant and hardworking salesman. He was hired as the head of the company’s sales department in 1985 and would later move on to become the Chief Merchant. It’s because of him that the company was able to sell products worth a total of over $3 billion.

The men behind the products

Ely Callaway Jr. was responsible for making the company, Parker the salesman, but the brilliant minds behind the products themselves are perhaps too many to mention. Some of Callaway’s most successful golf ball products for example were made by engineers who specialized in aerodynamics and were recruited from Du Pont and Boeing.

Callaway today

Today, Callaway is the name that most golfers recognize as the premier maker of golf equipment. Few can rival, much less surpass, Callaway Golf Company’s presence in the market as the number one manufacturer of golf clubs.

Common Mistakes People Make When Getting a Mister

Getting a mister is not as easy or as simple as some people would think it is. It involves a great deal of consideration and effort to get the right kind of mist fans.

Not all mist fans are different. Some of them are bigger or smaller than others. Some are louder while others make less noise. There are mist fans made out of plastic, and then there are those that are made out of metal.

The point is this, there are so many different kinds of mist fans to choose from that finding the right one can cause a sickening migraine. Choosing a good mister means finding the right qualities that help ensure that the mist fan will address the owner’s needs.

Learning to avoid mistakes is just as important as learning how to do something right. Life can sometimes be a trial and error process after all. Here are a few of the common mistakes people get when they buy a mist fan.

Buying a mist fan that does not address the needs

This is the most expensive mistake that owners can make. They buy a mist fan that does not even satisfy their needs. Example, a person who wants to use the mist fan for a large annual family reunion will make a mistake in getting a medium pressure mist fan.

There are all sorts of mist fans out there to choose from. The pressure system, the type of nozzle system used, and the materials used in a mist fan’s constructions are just some of the important things consumers need to keep in mind. Appreciating how mist fans work will help a person discover which one would be best for their needs.

People have to avoid the bad habit of simply walking into a store and getting a mister based on some wild guess. Doing a little bit of research and study might take some time and effort, but at least it will help people get on the right track to avoid a costly mistake.

Forgetting to read the warranty’s fine print

Warranty is one of the most important things people think about when they try to get a mist fan. A warranty is a guarantee from the vendor that nothing will go wrong with their product. It gives the consumers peace of mind since any fault in the machine’s design or construction will hold the vendor liable for replacing the defective unit with a working one.

There are so many different mist fan companies out there that promise a lifetime warranty on their products. People often forget or do not even bother at all to read the warranty’s fine print. Always check to see if there might be any problems or difficulties should the need arise to make a claim on that warranty.

Not asking for assistance with a project

There are so many different ways and applications where a mister is useful. Mist fans have seen an increasing amount of use in commercial, agricultural, and industrial applications. One thing some people usually fail to forget is that they can ask mist fan companies for a little bit of advice when they get a misting system.

A good mist company will always provide their customers with prudent advice. They will help ensure that their customer’s project is a successful operation. More often than not, all a person has to do is send the mist fan company an email regarding the details of the project. The company will provide assistance in implementing the mist fans. This makes sure that the customer is getting the most amount of value out of their mister.

Author Bio:Auramist the leading manufacturer and provider of the highest quality Misting fans, Mister, Misting Systems and innovative cooling Fans. Auramist misting fans are equipped with cutting-edge technology with 75 patents. You can trust the Auramist brand to keep you cool and comfortable in your home or on your patio.

Why Buy soundcloud followers?

Soundcloud is one of the most popular social networking sites today. Primarily serving as a means to instantly share photos and videos to the world, it is being used by millions around the world. Everyone from corporate entities to celebrities utilize Soundcloud to share the latest. Other than being a great means to showcase anything you want to showcase, this site is also used as a creative way to promote. Some even go to the point of buying people to follow their Soundcloud account. The big question is this: why should you buy soundcloud followers?

soundcloud followersFirst of all, the phenomenon of buying Soundcloud followers does exist. It might seem strange at first, but this is a legit technique to increase traffic on one’s Soundcloud account. These services are basically similar to buying Facebook likes and Twitter followers. All you have to do is to avail a following service, get a deal that matches your budget and desired number of followers, and they will do the rest for you. The process takes less than 48 hours, and it would instantly help you gain the profile and leverage you need to use Soundcloud to your advantage.

So why should you buy soundcloud followers? The first reason is because of the sheer number of users who avail the services of Soundcloud. Hundreds of millions of users are logged into Soundcloud, and a high percentage of these users log in every day. Just imagine if you can tap at least a fraction of these individuals. That would mean massive traffic to your site and content, making it an instant promotional tool. If you are in a tight battle with your market competition, this can come in extremely handy.

Another reason why you should buy soundcloud followers is because it adds legitimacy to your account, and ultimately to your business. This is because admit it or not, a lot of social network entities are judged according to the number of followers they have. Having thousands of followers carry much more weight than having hundreds of followers. With more people following your Soundcloud account, it sends the message that all the content you are posting is for real. After all, there’s no better way to promote than doing it with the approval of the world.

Other than legitimacy, having more followers in Soundcloud means more visibility for your account. This is because those with a high number of followers would naturally have more exposure in promotions. They normally show up at or near the top of searches for a particular content or hash-tagged content. This simply means that not only are you getting more views from your followers, but you also put yourself in a position to gain more followers. And with higher traffic on your Soundcloud, the better your chances are for promotions.

Last but definitely not least, buying Soundcloud followers is a cost-effective alternative to conventional advertising methods. Advertising, online or offline, costs some serious money. If you and your business don’t have a sufficient profile yet, the price to pay can prove to be way too costly for you. However, if you play the strategy of using Soundcloud as a promotional tool right, you can save a ton of money on advertising costs. All you have to do is buy followers to attract attention and legitimacy, post interesting content for followers and potential followers to see, and watch as traffic steadily piles up to your account. You can do all these with only a few dollars’ worth of investment.

If you buy soundcloud followers, you get a lot of value for your money. You get an increased profile in this social network, open yourself up to a whole new world of marketing opportunities, and get the results you much desire. You can find a lot of these services online. All you have to do is research your options and select the company and the deal that works best for you.

Traditional Custom Military Coins in Modern Times: The Challenge Reinvented

Traditionally, custom military coins have become known as challenge coins. Initially, this is to challenge any military member so that he can identify himself as a member of a military service unit, and to prove his claim of being part of an important and successful military mission.Most of these custom military coins or challenge coins are usually presented to new members when they join the organization. They are also often used as reward tokens to improve morale and as commemorative items for special occasions. Customarily, the members are supposed to carry their unit’s coin and the challenge is a common way to ensure this. Through the years, the challenge has evolved into other forms.

custom military coinsCoin challenges are not used for combat anymore, but for camaraderie. The challenge has been reinvented and is usually done in bars, where a military man can challenge his group if they have brought their own coin. A challenger will slap the coin on top of the table, and all other members of the group should slap their own custom military coins on the table. Those who do not carry their coin should pay for one round of drinks, while those who do, will pay nothing.

If and when everyone can show his coin, the one who raised the challenge should pay for one round of drinks. While this has been a practice and a tradition since the Vietnam War, it is merely a fun challenge for most military personnel. But now, it can be done by members of the same organization, even if they are not part of the military, just as long as they have their own version of the custom military coins.

Still, sometimes, the coins are measured by value and the challenger can actually make a rule as to who has the coin of the highest value. At present, the presidential coin or the POTUS (President of the United States) can trump all other coins.

There are usually no formal challenge rules and they can vary from one organization to another. What is common, however, is that these rules only apply to those members that have been formally given custom military coins by the unit.

But to make it easier to understand, there are common challenge rules that are universal to all coin challenges.

  • The rules of the coin game must be given or explained to all new coin holders.
  • The coin must be carried at all times because one can be challenged for it anywhere at any time. One must produce the coin without taking more than 4 steps to produce it.
  • A challenger should always state whether it is for a single drink or a round of drinks. Failure to produce a coin results in a bought round or single drink.
  • Once one person has been challenged and has already bought drinks, he cannot be challenged anymore by any other member of the group.
  • No one is allowed to hand a coin to another person in response to a challenge. If a person gives their coin to another, the recipient can now keep the coin for good.
  • On the other hand, if the coin is lost, replacement is up to the original owner. A new coin should be acquired at the earliest opportunity because it does not relieve a member of the responsibility of producing a coin when challenged.
  • Any member of the organization can be challenged at any time, even if they are not wearing the official uniform.
  • Coins should not be pierced with a hole as to carry them as a pendant. Coins which bore a hole are considered null and void.

Knowing the rules is as important as owning one. And with the knowledge of the challenge, one cannot be exempt from the challenge anymore.

The coin has become a symbol, not only of membership in an organization and a proof of being part of an achievement; it has also become a symbol of camaraderie. Thus, owning a coin is always a source of pride. Giving a coin to just anyone is opening a fraternity to just anyone. It is an honor to be given a coin and has a more personal value than a purchased one.

The Best of the Best: What Live Chat Software to Go With and Why

So you have finally decided to go with live chat for your customer support needs. Congratulations! You have just made a big step in becoming a leader in your field of business. But you have now run into a problem: which one to go for?

live chatThere are hundreds of paid live chat support software available online, and a couple of hundred more that are free to use. With so much to choose from, how can you tell which one is the best for you?

Though there is no live chat support software that can be called perfect, there are things you can look at to determine if it is the right fit. The list below is taken from, which uses the following criteria for their ratings, done on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest:

• Host Environment. If you have customised your website, you have to customise your chat window in a similar fashion. Otherwise, live chat will not work in your favour.

• Operator Capabilities. Look for features that can help your chat support team do their job better, like being able to ping your customers or send them pictures and other files to help land that sale.

• Tracking and Monitoring. It is hard enough to keep track of your site, so it is best that the live chat support softwareyou get has its own tracking and monitoring applications.

• Ease of use. No need for further details here. Just make sure your software is not something where you have to have a degree in computer science to operate and you will be fine.

• Help and Support. Let’s face it: you will be a customer if you get anything that has to do with customer support. Same goes for live chat support software. No one wants to deal with incompetent support, which is why you hire the best people. The same should go for live chat help and support. Do not go for those that do not know their own product.

With these five criteria, here are the top three live chat support applications available right now:

1. LiveHelpNow: A four-time recipient of TopTenReviews Gold award, LiveHelpNow offers a fully-customisable client along with one-of-a-kind features such as real-time translation to make it to the top of the list. The only downside: all of its customisation options mean it is very intimidating to new users.

Ratings: Host environment – 10; Operator Capabilities – 10; Tracking and monitoring – 10; Ease of use – 10; Help and support – 10; Overall – 10. Available for $21 at

2. Zopim: It is hard to find a person who doesn’t love Facebook. Zopim takes advantage of this by having their chat window look like a Facebook’s. But it is very limited in terms of customisation. Why is it at number 2? At only $14, it is the most affordable on the list.

Ratings: Host environment – 9.5; Operator Capabilities – 9.4; Tracking and monitoring – 10; Ease of use – 10; Help and support – 9.4; Overall – 9.6.

3. Velaro: Multiple windows that can be opened mean multiple opportunities to close that sale, or at least help more people. This is Velaro’s edge. However, not having Facebook integration means you can’t know your customers deeper.

Ratings: Host environment – 9.4; Operator Capabilities – 9.4; Tracking and monitoring – 10; Ease of use – 9.4; Help and support – 10; Overall – 9.6. Why 3? It is priced at $29.95.

With these three, you can get the most out of your money. But if you feel that they do not suit your needs, there are other live chatsupport applications available on the internet. Companies like Live Chat, Kayako, LivePerson, and most especially ApexChat, offer similar, if not exactly the same services as these three, although Live Chat, Kayako, and LivePerson cost more than the top three revealed here.

Whichever one you go for, just be sure to pick one that fits your business, and not the one where you have to fit your business to the live chat application.

ApexChat will develop a custom script (set of canned responses) of Live Chat that will be used by our agents to conduct chats on your behalf.

The Benefits of Hiring SEO Article Writers

Many writing services are now available online, which makes it quite difficult to separate the good from the bad. The positive results that you can get through an effective article marketing campaign are proven, and this is the reason why the demand for fresh and high-quality content is very high nowadays. This has resulted to more article providers who are offering their services on millions of websites that are in need of content.

In this article, you will learn the benefits of hiring an article writer who specializes in search engine optimization. You will also learn several tips in choosing the right company for you.

Article writingBear in mind that there are very few marketing strategies that are effective as article marketing. The main issue here is getting enough time to write enough articles that would result to higher online presence. On top of that, not all people can write an article that makes sense. That is why more and more people are hiring writers to do the job with quality and ease. You can save valuable time in writing articles and you can instead devote your time in other more important aspects of running your website.

It is crucial to find an article writer who can provide content that is suitable to your online marketing needs. The content of your website drives your campaign online. Choosing to do it yourself without proficiency in writing can be a bad decision.

Basically, your options are broken down into three main categories:

1. Affordable Outsource Writer

Most article writers are located in the Philippines and India where people are also proficient in using English as their second language. The average cost of an article ranges from $2 to $6. Most online writing services that are based overseas often provide content quickly and in bulk orders. However, not all overseas providers can give you content with the quality you need. Hence, it is still important to check that the articles are well-written, relevant to your niche and easy to understand.

2. Expensive Freelancer

If you need articles with top-notch quality, you can hire a freelancer. However, this could become very expensive. The estimated price is about $30 to $60 per article. Even though the content that you can receive could create a large impact for your marketing campaign, there’s a limited possibility for ROI. Freelancers are the top guys if you need to come up with effective Press Releases, sales letters, or advertising transcripts but they are not your best option for general articles.

3. Average Article Writing Service

Hiring article writer from a mid-level service can be great if you are looking for a wise financial investment. Copy-writing companies often have a roster of writers who are well-versed in the language and understand the important factors to run an effective marketing campaign. Most writers from these companies are based in the US, Canada and other English-speaking countries. Plus, these writers are also trained to develop content based on the recent SEO updates from major search engines. The estimated cost of article per piece is $10 to $20.