Traditional Custom Military Coins in Modern Times: The Challenge Reinvented

Traditionally, custom military coins have become known as challenge coins. Initially, this is to challenge any military member so that he can identify himself as a member of a military service unit, and to prove his claim of being part of an important and successful military mission.Most of these custom military coins or challenge coins are usually presented to new members when they join the organization. They are also often used as reward tokens to improve morale and as commemorative items for special occasions. Customarily, the members are supposed to carry their unit’s coin and the challenge is a common way to ensure this. Through the years, the challenge has evolved into other forms.

custom military coinsCoin challenges are not used for combat anymore, but for camaraderie. The challenge has been reinvented and is usually done in bars, where a military man can challenge his group if they have brought their own coin. A challenger will slap the coin on top of the table, and all other members of the group should slap their own custom military coins on the table. Those who do not carry their coin should pay for one round of drinks, while those who do, will pay nothing.

If and when everyone can show his coin, the one who raised the challenge should pay for one round of drinks. While this has been a practice and a tradition since the Vietnam War, it is merely a fun challenge for most military personnel. But now, it can be done by members of the same organization, even if they are not part of the military, just as long as they have their own version of the custom military coins.

Still, sometimes, the coins are measured by value and the challenger can actually make a rule as to who has the coin of the highest value. At present, the presidential coin or the POTUS (President of the United States) can trump all other coins.

There are usually no formal challenge rules and they can vary from one organization to another. What is common, however, is that these rules only apply to those members that have been formally given custom military coins by the unit.

But to make it easier to understand, there are common challenge rules that are universal to all coin challenges.

  • The rules of the coin game must be given or explained to all new coin holders.
  • The coin must be carried at all times because one can be challenged for it anywhere at any time. One must produce the coin without taking more than 4 steps to produce it.
  • A challenger should always state whether it is for a single drink or a round of drinks. Failure to produce a coin results in a bought round or single drink.
  • Once one person has been challenged and has already bought drinks, he cannot be challenged anymore by any other member of the group.
  • No one is allowed to hand a coin to another person in response to a challenge. If a person gives their coin to another, the recipient can now keep the coin for good.
  • On the other hand, if the coin is lost, replacement is up to the original owner. A new coin should be acquired at the earliest opportunity because it does not relieve a member of the responsibility of producing a coin when challenged.
  • Any member of the organization can be challenged at any time, even if they are not wearing the official uniform.
  • Coins should not be pierced with a hole as to carry them as a pendant. Coins which bore a hole are considered null and void.

Knowing the rules is as important as owning one. And with the knowledge of the challenge, one cannot be exempt from the challenge anymore.

The coin has become a symbol, not only of membership in an organization and a proof of being part of an achievement; it has also become a symbol of camaraderie. Thus, owning a coin is always a source of pride. Giving a coin to just anyone is opening a fraternity to just anyone. It is an honor to be given a coin and has a more personal value than a purchased one.

The Best of the Best: What Live Chat Software to Go With and Why

So you have finally decided to go with live chat for your customer support needs. Congratulations! You have just made a big step in becoming a leader in your field of business. But you have now run into a problem: which one to go for?

live chatThere are hundreds of paid live chat support software available online, and a couple of hundred more that are free to use. With so much to choose from, how can you tell which one is the best for you?

Though there is no live chat support software that can be called perfect, there are things you can look at to determine if it is the right fit. The list below is taken from, which uses the following criteria for their ratings, done on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest:

• Host Environment. If you have customised your website, you have to customise your chat window in a similar fashion. Otherwise, live chat will not work in your favour.

• Operator Capabilities. Look for features that can help your chat support team do their job better, like being able to ping your customers or send them pictures and other files to help land that sale.

• Tracking and Monitoring. It is hard enough to keep track of your site, so it is best that the live chat support softwareyou get has its own tracking and monitoring applications.

• Ease of use. No need for further details here. Just make sure your software is not something where you have to have a degree in computer science to operate and you will be fine.

• Help and Support. Let’s face it: you will be a customer if you get anything that has to do with customer support. Same goes for live chat support software. No one wants to deal with incompetent support, which is why you hire the best people. The same should go for live chat help and support. Do not go for those that do not know their own product.

With these five criteria, here are the top three live chat support applications available right now:

1. LiveHelpNow: A four-time recipient of TopTenReviews Gold award, LiveHelpNow offers a fully-customisable client along with one-of-a-kind features such as real-time translation to make it to the top of the list. The only downside: all of its customisation options mean it is very intimidating to new users.

Ratings: Host environment – 10; Operator Capabilities – 10; Tracking and monitoring – 10; Ease of use – 10; Help and support – 10; Overall – 10. Available for $21 at

2. Zopim: It is hard to find a person who doesn’t love Facebook. Zopim takes advantage of this by having their chat window look like a Facebook’s. But it is very limited in terms of customisation. Why is it at number 2? At only $14, it is the most affordable on the list.

Ratings: Host environment – 9.5; Operator Capabilities – 9.4; Tracking and monitoring – 10; Ease of use – 10; Help and support – 9.4; Overall – 9.6.

3. Velaro: Multiple windows that can be opened mean multiple opportunities to close that sale, or at least help more people. This is Velaro’s edge. However, not having Facebook integration means you can’t know your customers deeper.

Ratings: Host environment – 9.4; Operator Capabilities – 9.4; Tracking and monitoring – 10; Ease of use – 9.4; Help and support – 10; Overall – 9.6. Why 3? It is priced at $29.95.

With these three, you can get the most out of your money. But if you feel that they do not suit your needs, there are other live chatsupport applications available on the internet. Companies like Live Chat, Kayako, LivePerson, and most especially ApexChat, offer similar, if not exactly the same services as these three, although Live Chat, Kayako, and LivePerson cost more than the top three revealed here.

Whichever one you go for, just be sure to pick one that fits your business, and not the one where you have to fit your business to the live chat application.

ApexChat will develop a custom script (set of canned responses) of Live Chat that will be used by our agents to conduct chats on your behalf.

Be Ahead with Affordable SEO Companies

If you want to have a successful online business, then you can actually have a successful one and with the help of SEO Companies that can give you the assistance.These companies offer you the services that will get you ahead of the stiff online business competition. These SEO Companies can give you the help that you need so that you can be visible to your target market. So what are the services that these companies offer that can give you the edge in the online business world? Here are some of them.

SEO Companies They have the marketing and the advertising tools and skills that will give your website the visibility. With the advancement in technology and the trend of advertising online, these SEO companies are in constant update to provide you with the best SEO service.

They have trained staff to do the job in increasing the traffic that your website can have so that you can have visits from prospect clients which may later become your loyal customers.

They also maintain you website and make it as professional looking as possible that will reflect the kind of company that you are. This is what your prospect client and will see and where you can establish a connection with them. What they see on your site will affect their decision on whether they can trust you or not. Thus it is very important that you have a very impacting website. This is where these SEO companies can help you.

Reports of daily clicks that led to your site are also given by these companies. You would know if your ranking or your website has improved in terms of online visibility through these reports. These companies can also give you the data that will later be your basis for important decisions that you make for your business.

Articles that are posted on different sites are one of the many other services that you can expect from these companies. They will link your website to a certain article that if your prospect buyer will click on it, they will be led to your website. This in turn will increase the traffic that you will have on your site.

These are just some of the wonders of what these companies can do for you. You have a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing the company that can give you the service that you need. Keep in mind the package that they have to offer you. For one, you need to choose the company that can give you the cost-effective package that will work for the kind of online business that you have. Then check each of the portfolios that these SEO Companies so that you will know what you will be expecting from them. Find a company that offers good customer service, so that when problems arise, you will not have the hard time contacting them and having your problem resolved. If you finally find the company that offers you these, then you are good to start planning with them.

The Benefits of Hiring SEO Article Writers

Many writing services are now available online, which makes it quite difficult to separate the good from the bad. The positive results that you can get through an effective article marketing campaign are proven, and this is the reason why the demand for fresh and high-quality content is very high nowadays. This has resulted to more article providers who are offering their services on millions of websites that are in need of content.

In this article, you will learn the benefits of hiring an article writer who specializes in search engine optimization. You will also learn several tips in choosing the right company for you.

Article writingBear in mind that there are very few marketing strategies that are effective as article marketing. The main issue here is getting enough time to write enough articles that would result to higher online presence. On top of that, not all people can write an article that makes sense. That is why more and more people are hiring writers to do the job with quality and ease. You can save valuable time in writing articles and you can instead devote your time in other more important aspects of running your website.

It is crucial to find an article writer who can provide content that is suitable to your online marketing needs. The content of your website drives your campaign online. Choosing to do it yourself without proficiency in writing can be a bad decision.

Basically, your options are broken down into three main categories:

1. Affordable Outsource Writer

Most article writers are located in the Philippines and India where people are also proficient in using English as their second language. The average cost of an article ranges from $2 to $6. Most online writing services that are based overseas often provide content quickly and in bulk orders. However, not all overseas providers can give you content with the quality you need. Hence, it is still important to check that the articles are well-written, relevant to your niche and easy to understand.

2. Expensive Freelancer

If you need articles with top-notch quality, you can hire a freelancer. However, this could become very expensive. The estimated price is about $30 to $60 per article. Even though the content that you can receive could create a large impact for your marketing campaign, there’s a limited possibility for ROI. Freelancers are the top guys if you need to come up with effective Press Releases, sales letters, or advertising transcripts but they are not your best option for general articles.

3. Average Article Writing Service

Hiring article writer from a mid-level service can be great if you are looking for a wise financial investment. Copy-writing companies often have a roster of writers who are well-versed in the language and understand the important factors to run an effective marketing campaign. Most writers from these companies are based in the US, Canada and other English-speaking countries. Plus, these writers are also trained to develop content based on the recent SEO updates from major search engines. The estimated cost of article per piece is $10 to $20.